About Us

Shiv Shakti PG Accommodation (SSPG) is the leading PG accommodation provider in Greater Noida. During last session (2008-09) we provided accommodation to 1490 students, 285 Management Trainees and 569 Guests. SSPG was established in 1999 in Greater Noida with a mission to provide PG accommodation to students coming from all over India at an affordable price. We offer state of the art residential facilities, “A Home away from Home” We are also known as a “Second Home of Students”.

Being a leading PG accommodation provider in Greater Noida we take this opportunity of serving our guests as a challenge to set new benchmarks. SSPG provides facilities and environment like a Home away from Home. We provide all necessary facilities to students, which help students to acclimatize well in this new ambience. Our worth appreciation hospitality services mark us a preferred name in PG accommodation services.

We have been running Students / Staff canteens of various Colleges / Institutes for almost 5 years and later on, on the recommendations of various Colleges / Institutes we started PG Accommodation for those Institutes. With the support of Students and these Institutes, we are now capable of handling more than 2000 students on our own. Now we have expanded our field in NCR viz. Noida, Delhi and Gurgaon

We have a team of highly experienced Cooking, House Keeping and Maintenance Staff having in depth knowledge about creating suitable education and healthy PG environment. We are always striving to achieve higher levels of goals and productivity. Our 105 employees are guided by the vision to be “best in the manner in which we operate and best in the services which we deliver”. We take food and security of our students as prime consideration. 

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Shiv Shakti P G Accommodation
A-103, Neha Apartments,
Plot No. 1, Sector Pi-I,
Greater Noida U.P. 201310
Phone no:
0120 - 2325-888, 444
Mobile no:
9313586748, 9899012382, 971-119-2382
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